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Faction 6 – Part 4 — May 16, 2015

Faction 6 – Part 4


Carrying a small backpack, Christopher Noman reached the entrance to the Batu Caves. The statue of Murguan towered over the entrance to the stairs. The 272 steps stairway lead to the limestone caves, one of the many famous tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur. It was almost midnight and the area was deserted under the full moon.

He quickly ran up the stairs and halfway through he saw a guard lying on the ground hidden behind a bush. As he moved up further, he saw a few more guards that had been taken down. Taking on this man physically was out of the question. Christopher Noman knew that. The cold night brewed the adrenaline rush with the fear of death, creating a cocktail of emotions inside Christopher’s mind. He still kept going. After walking up what felt like never ending series of stairs, he was finally near the entrance of the cave. After emptying his backpack, he went inside.

‘Where’s the cavalry Mr. Noman?’ shouted Durus from a distance, his voice echoing in the labyrinth of the caves.

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Faction 6 – Part 3 —

Faction 6 – Part 3


The video started with Rajeev adjusting the camera. After some fidgeting, the camera was focused on an empty chair. Rajeev moved to the chair and leaned towards the camera.

‘So here’s the gist of my research so far. I have been working countless hours trying to figure out patterns of social activity on various networking websites. Progress was very slow until I stumbled upon an old research paper on “The collective conscience”. Made me realize I was looking at a very small sample of data. I tested my algorithm against my entire social graph, entire Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google data for myself and my friends; and the results were much more promising. Unfortunately even with all the privacy scams, there wasn’t enough public data available to test my theory on a larger scale. I will continue working on optimizations in the meantime, while I look for a way to get access to more data’

–End of log.

“That didn’t help much now did it?” gesturing Noman to fire up the next file. Christopher Noman nodded in agreement and executed the second file labeled “October 2010”

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Faction 6 – Part 2 —

Faction 6 – Part 2


The Pavilion mall escalators descended to lower levels of the mall, parking basements and the food court. Xin lead Chris to Al-Amar, a Middle Eastern restaurant at far end of the food court. The partitioned sections gave them the privacy they needed.

“OK boy genius, what do we do? What the hell is this message you’re talking about?” said Xin, now in a mix of panic and anger.

“The last slide that Raj emailed me, it is a Turing machine. The very first theoretical concept of a computing machine.”

“And how does that explain the creep after us?”

“I don’t know. I need to look at it again.” Chris pulled up his Macbook from the envelope sleeve and popped open the slide deck. “It needs some sort of input, some series of letters”, moving his finger around the diagram.

“Why don’t you just call him?”, with one eye on the entrance to the food court.

“Wait, yes the text message. I knew something wasn’t right about it.” Chris pulled up the text message on his iPhone, reading it again.

‘i CracKed the Code. SeCret is in The SPACE. run for your life. Trust no one’

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Faction 6 – Part 1 —

Faction 6 – Part 1

Part I

After sending out the designs, Rajeev stared at the time in the taskbar, “Any time now”, he thought to himself. “This will change everything, the way we interact, communicate, socialize… “.

There were sounds of footsteps outside. Alarmed, Rajeev leaned against the door, trying to make out who was outside.

The door burst open, throwing Rajeev on the rug. In the blinding lights, he could only make out silhouettes of three men. His body was trembling but his mind focused, as if he had played this exact scenario in his mind before.

“You can’t comprehend what this can do to the world! It can’t be controlled”, Rajeev tried to buy some time. It seemed like he was keying a code in his Smart-watch. Before he could say more, a single spit came from one of the three men. Rajeev arched and fell down gasping.

“Take the drives, destroy everything else…” said the man in the overcoat.

The door closed and a flamed torch lay on the floor. Like a herd of Zebras running away from its predator, the flames spread throughout the apartment. The curtains blazed with fire, smoke taking residence. In the corner a bright light emanated. Rajeev’s phone came alive with the message

Faction 6 – Initiated

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