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What I want in Angry Birds Star Wars — October 8, 2012

What I want in Angry Birds Star Wars

It’s no secret that Star Wars fans will finally be presented today with a Star Wars game worthy of the license. Today Rovio plans to launch Angry Birds Star Wars, and from the looks of the image below from USA Today’s article “Star Wars invades Angry Birds” the game is going to be legendary..

Angry Birds Star Wars

So what would I want in the game for it to make me forget the prequels? well here is a short list.

  1. Darth Vader can use the force to throw meteors in your path
  2. Luke can use the light saber while in bird flight… to knock out obstacles
  3. Millenium Falcon can be used like an Angry birds… and it teleports
  4. Asteriod fields
  5. Princess Leia.. nuff said

Let’s see how many of these Rovio gets right!

Expect Angry Birds to fling their way on Mac AppStore — December 17, 2010

Expect Angry Birds to fling their way on Mac AppStore

Don’t be surprised if the Mac AppStore goes live with Angry Birds as their flagship launch title. See my tweet conversation below

Icon_2x_normal.pngAngry Birds (@RovioMobile)
12/17/10 1:05 AM
@solidsting guess you are about to find out then;-)

profile-pic_normal.jpgAamir M. Ibrahim (@solidsting)
12/17/10 1:04 AM
Mac AppStore coming on jan 6th, are angry birds coming with it? #angrybirds @RovioMobile
Angry Birds fan comic – real reason why birds are angry — December 15, 2010

Angry Birds fan comic – real reason why birds are angry

Create your own comics like the one above using Create A Comic for iPhone and Android

Also see: Angry Birds Peace Treaty

Now you know whats started all the bird slinging on innocent pigs. And all this time you thought the birds were the victims. I would love to play pigs side of the story and fling some pigs on those darn angry birds ūüôā

Do you think there can ever be peace? What do you think is the real truth behind all the fighting, comment here.

Credits: Characters designed by Xclusive_Salman

Angry Birds coming to Facebook, sorry Mac — December 14, 2010

Angry Birds coming to Facebook, sorry Mac

Gamezebo just published a news update on Angry Birds that their PR chief confirmed that Angry Birds will be coming to Facebook next year.

"In addition to the Valentine’s announcement, Rovio’s PR chief Ville Heijari has told a Finnish radio station that Angry Birds will be flocking to Facebook this April. It might not be the traditional PC release gamers were hoping for, but it looks like the series will finally be coming to your desktop!"

See the full article РAngry Birds targets Valentine’s Day, Facebook

Zynga’s CityVille Review – Gamezebo — December 7, 2010

Zynga’s CityVille Review – Gamezebo

Gamezebo just posted Zynga’s CityVille review

Here is the summary


  • Fully rotatable 3D buildings make your city fun to look at. Mission structure offers clear and interesting goals. Collectibles and farming elements are well-implemented. Game‚Äôs visuals are bright and extremely inviting.


  • Community buildings force solo players to pay a ‚Äúno friends tax‚ÄĚ much too early. Facebook has made keeping track of notifications fairly difficult, but CityVille is most fun when you‚Äôre engaging heavily with the social mechanics. The overall feel of the game may strike some players as overly-reminiscent of games like Social City and Millionaire City.

CityVille is Zynga’s long-awaited entry in the city-building genre, which has proven itself amazingly durable on Facebook. Where many city-builders must be played strictly in brief bursts, CityVille actually offers enough to do that you can spend a considerably longer amount of time with it per session. In theory you can only do things until you run out of energy, but I found myself needing to wait for things to happen more often than I found myself waiting for my energy to regenerate.

Check out the full review at Gamezebo

If you are playing it already, check out Zynga launches CityVille! walkthrough, guides and tips anyone? and Gamezebo’s Official CityVille Guide / Walkthrough