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UX Design – Stop monkeying around — January 3, 2010

UX Design – Stop monkeying around

Remember when you first got your hands on a digital VCR? When I was a kid when my dad bought a National G10; jet black, front-loading box beaming of technological excellence. It could digitally tune channels, had a cool LCD screen that showed playback time and icons when I fast forwarded to the good parts of the movie. The thing that stood out the most was its amazing ability to do timed recording. YSet the channel and  time of recording. It would magically turn itself on, tune to the channel and start recording. It felt like having your own version of knight rider at home (black with an LCD interface). One problem though, it was incredibly difficult to get the damn thing setup for recording in the first place! I am not exaggerating when I say I had to read the manual everytime I had to setup timed recording so that I don’t miss McGyver using his Swiss Army knife.

Did I ever complain? well… I didn’t think I had the right to do so. Why you ask? Well it was a breakthrough technology and I was an average kid. I didn’t have the right to say that the design was faulty. It was too great and I wasn’t worthy Continue reading