Last week I was trying to find stock music and sound effects for my physics puzzler games for the iOS platform. The game is in its final stages and we needed some kick ass sounds for it. Trying to find good free casual game music and sound effects is a difficult task. Here are some of the sites and tools that I found really helpful to create casual game sound effects and music.

Stock casual game SFX and BGM sites

Free casual game SFX and BGM sites

Tools for creating casual game SFX and BGM

Soundsnap is really good site to get sound effects and music for games at a really good price (around $1-$5 per item). They are the iStockphoto of sound effects. However the problem there was trying to find casual game sounds that fit my cartoonish style game. I wasn’t able to finalize anything from here but for non comical style games, its a great resource for sound and music.

Soundrangers probably had the best music and sound effects catalogue I have seen on the internet. It was a great site to get inspiration from but I couldn’t buy anything because a decent music loop costs $50 for a game. That was way too high for something I was buying stock. So I moved on for free sound effect sites.

Opengameart had a great collection of sound effects and music loops. I finalized my game music based on what I found here. Since everything is targeted to games, it was easier to find relevant sounds here. If you are making an RPG this is the site you need to go to.

When I shared the finalized music loops with other team members working on the physics puzzle casual game, they thought it was too rock and high pitched. Didn’t sound anything you hear in famous casual games like Angry Birds, Cut the rope, Where’s my water. So I talked to one of my designers who has some sound design experience and he told me about Garageband for the iPad.

Its amazing how easy it is to create a good music loop in the app. I have looked at Fruityloops before and just the amount of buttons and switches in the interface made me dizzy. Garageband is super simple and super polished, something you can always expect from Apple. So it took my designer 2 days to come up with great sounding music which we will put in our game, planned to be launched next month on the AppStore. Garageband is super cool and best thing is that it only costs $4.99

If you have a Mac, you can use Garageband on it or get Mixcraft 5 which is a garageband clone for the PC. I haven’t tried it but the reviews seemed solid.

Also once the music was created on the iPad using Garageband, we used Wavepad sound editor to make tweaks in volume and clean up the start and end of the loop.

So if you are an independent developer or someone who does not have the budget required to get someone to create music for you, these are all the tools you need to create awesome casual game music.

Happy gaming!