The idea of a piloting a Star Wars Falcon gunner is not so far far away anymore. THQ have just released Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. TechCrunch says

“The game also has an augmented reality mode which replaces the computer graphics background with your camera view. So you can play in your room or outdoors and the spaceships look like they are coming in from the distance. (see video below, which was taken from the Empire State Building). Be careful doing this in public, otherwise you might become that guy depicted in this other

showing what you might look like if you play the game in public. The augmented reality mode is fun to show people, but for pure gameplay I prefer the full-graphics mode. I’ve been playing a pre-release version of the game for a few days. I am not a game guy, but there is a real Wow factor here.” – The First Augmented Reality Star Wars Game, Falcon Gunner, Hits The App Store

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