Will Microsoft And Nokia Team Up To Take On Apple, Google?.

“Two dinosaurs don’t produce a mammal, they produce a dinosaur.”

But sitting on this side of the world, where the iPhones and Androids are too pricey, Nokia might just. I can imagine them selling their new Symbian^3 phones at $200 and getting alot of market share back from low end Android phones.

To beat Apple in the high end, they need a miracle, and if Microsoft can’t do it for themselves on the Windows Phone 7, I don’t think they can do it for Nokia.

Nokia did come back in the times of the first color screen phones and QWERTY business phones, but this time it looks like they have taken way too long to make a comeback.

That doesn’t mean Nokia will stop being the top selling brand in the world, it will still be, but it just can’t be the number one smartphone brand… Never thought they would “Finnish” like this 🙂