Yesterday I was reading the following article “Android 3.0: 10 things Google should change” and it made me think, other than the 10 things mentioned, which I agree to 100%, there should be a number 11, Google should also enforce some standard screen resolutions. You must be thinking that I want to make Android as closed as Apple, but reality is, for developers the fragmentation of screen sizes and different phones running different OS is causing way too much damage.

Just to give an example, Roxio has already shown a demo of Angry Birds running on a Motorola Droid. If you look at their comments, they are still testing on the oh so many phones (read screen sizes) and not sure when they will be able to launch. This shows to prove how difficult it is to make apps for the android, which is why developers have not jumped on the Android bandwagon yet.

Until Google makes the bold move of specifying screen sizes, this will not change in my opinion. I suggest instead of going for 1 size, they can do 3 sizes for phones (not including tablets here). They could be the small Xperia 10 mini size, the Legend size and the mammoth Galaxy S size. If we keep these sizes standard for 2 years, everyone will be happy!

To summarize here are the 10 items from the article

1. An end to custom user interfaces
2. Capacitive touchscreens only
3. Cloud-based file syncing
4. Minimum processor and battery requirements
5. Jazz up the keyboard
6. More cursor control options
7. More supplied apps
8. More parental controls
9. More text management tools
10. Standard VoIP support

Let me know what you guys think, can Google get its act together?