I was looking at the WWDC 2010 conference the other day and I remember Steve Jobs saying “15000 apps are submitted every week”. With a mammoth amount of apps already in the app store, how to make your app show up and get downloaded.

This site explains the best ways to promote your mobile app
Mobile Marketing: 50 ways to promote your iPhone app

the ones I liked are

  1. Submit app to review sites. Before I didn’t know there were so many sites that review iPhone apps
  2. Promote from ads within other apps using the iAd
  3. Q&A Participation in forums and places like LinkedIn, Yahoo Answers
  4. Create a presentation walkthrough. Although I would prefer making a video and posting it to youtube, linking it on your marketing landing page.
  5. Tell a friend in app feature
  6. Facebook share in app feature
  7. App improvements over time and collaboration, this was a no brainer
  8. Facebook fan page
  9. Email signature
  10. Website and website SEO

Good luck with your campaign. If you are making an iPhone app, be sure to send it to our friends at Gamezebo