Who doesn’t like Zombie games, specially if they are as cute as the ones in Plants Vs. Zombies. The team behind plants vs zombies created this awesome soccer zombie game for the iPhone.

All told, Pro Zombie Soccer injects something a little different into the soccer games we’re being bombarded with leading into the World Cup. Its PvZ feel is just as much a reference to its great artwork as it is to its quality finishing. Hardcore mode should provide just enough challenge for those who breeze through normal mode, and Crystal integration ensures all your scores are recorded, and your actions in-game are rewarded with craft achievements. What really makes Pro Zombie Soccer stand out in the end though is its entertaining story sequences and gameplay tie-ins, and a finale that is just plain epic. At only $0.99 (limited 66% off World Cup sale), it’s a good time to pick it up.



App Store Link: Pro Zombie Soccer, $2.99