The FIFA world cup 2010 fever has taken over the web. Every site from youtube to miniclip have branded their sites with football /soccer themes. So in the spirit of the FIFA world cup 2010, I thought I should round up the best Soccer flash games on the web. I have only included games that play like soccer. There are many games with a soccer theme which are not soccer games, I have not included them.

Here they are in no particular order

Mini Soccer 2007


Pros: Nice cute and simple gameplay, love the slide, characters are cute enough you would want to take them home

Cons: No tournaments mode, nothing for players who want deep gameplay

Soccer World


Pros: Great gameplay, feels like a classic 8-bit game, probably the game with the most gameplay depth

Cons: Tournament too short, graphics could have better, no goal celebration


Update: 31st August 2010

“Soccer World” has now been ported to Facebook with new and exciting features!

You can play the game at or

New features include:

  • Improved enemy AI – Try world class difficulty and you’ll know what I am talking about
  • Achievements – 9 of them, try earning the “Highly Possessive” title
  • Leaderboards – See if you can beat the top scores for the day
  • Challenges – Challenge your friends to beat your score (Facebook only)
  • Facebook Share – Show off your achievements on your wall

Soccer Stars


Pros: Amazing graphics, power ups are awesome

Cons: Not much depth in gameplay, no tournament mode

World Soccer


Pros: Realistic, 3D, great depth in gameplay

Cons: Game does not run in Flash, requires Shockwave, casual gamers might be put off

Mini Soccer


Pros: Simple gameplay, cute graphics

Cons: Low res graphics, not much depth

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Please post your favorite flash soccer games and let me know which games you like