Hi Everyone, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for appreciating this comic venture that I started. This has been cooking in my mind for many years and finally got it up.. because all this time I was trying to make a really good perfect comic with plots, storylines, character backgrounds, cool artwork and the whole fireworks.. and taking the first steps in doing that was taking too much time and I didn’t have the skills or the patience to do that much homework.

Anyways so thats why I just wrote down all my ideas and started cherry picking the ones I liked best. Season 0 was all that. Season 1 started with the ‘Platform Independance‘ comic idea and a Sheikh who wants a Dating service and it all went from there. But over the season I believe I moved away from the comic situations that happen in everyday offshored teams.

That is why for Season 2, the main theme will be ‘Recession Rebound’, and I beleive we all can relate to this (remember when you wanted to yank out the brains of your manager when he told you how recession affected you) .

So I want to ask all you readers out there to tell me how you want this season to shape… what comic situations you have in mind and what situations to want to make a complete mockery of.. refrain from calling out names though, otherwise I will not be responsible for recession coming out of its grave and hitting you again coming december 😉

Let the bombardment of user generated content begin!

For those who missed any of the previous episodes, you can see the episode list here