Walking out of the mosque at sunset, I think to myself, everyday we all try to make our lives better, everyone prays for their dreams to be realized, their questions to be answered, the questions to their answers revealed. We mortals have always been bad at understanding the obvious, always wondering where our prayers go and where is our eternal bliss, oblivious to the reverberating wise saying that we ask the wrong person the wrong questions.

One should pause in his steps and not ask anyone but himself to seek answers. Life is not about bigger better and more state of the art compounds of molecular mass. If you back track to the reasons behind every dreamy desire, you’ll end up with spiritual happiness, fulfillment, replenishment… everything else is but a dot while connecting source to surreal. Easiest way to spiritual happiness? you ask.

Well, its not the big promotion you’re working your ass off for, nor the luxury cruise you plan on taking your family to… its something much more basic and thus much more hard to see with the naked eye. Basic things which we all know yet somehow make ourselves to forget, the uber intelligent ultra beings that we consider ourselves to be, is it too much to take time out from the 9 to 9 we call work life and teach spend time with our kid and teach him how to play ball, to take a walk on the beach with your wife accompanied with a nice not so expensive dinner, to take your parents out to a park and do nothing but talk the evening away, take out that old contact list of friends from yester years and call each one of them over the weekend.

Ask yourself, when did you last do something like that?