Starting out as a conversation on career decisions, two peers end up with rethinking their lives. The names and references have been changed to keep their identities anonymous. This post is related to the previous post The Wrong kind of Right

[start of log]
billy the kid: waisay, you being my manager aside, I need your friendly advice to know if I am doing the right thing or not…
coach: well in any case.. as friend or manager… you shouldnt be frustrated with what you do 10 hours of your life everyday
coach: yes frustration comes in.. but if it stays for dinner.. its high time you start thinking
coach: if the reasons dont point fingers at your shortcomings
billy the kid: …right
coach: i beleive.. if its not your fault.. and you have given things enough time to fix themselves
coach: you should choose to change what you do
coach: change is a relative term.. it could be within an organization.. within job roles … or maybe just a much awaited/needed vacation
coach: vacation always helps btw
coach: even in small bursts
coach: but yeah.. you need to give the current employer piece of your mind.. if he can make things work out.. well and good
coach: if not.. then well the harder question kicks in
coach: but yeah, so far, raising your voice on your concerns.. youve done the right thing
coach: what you take away from this, is something only you can figure out for yourself
coach: but do understand.. we sometimes like to fool ourselves.. keep ourselves in the dark.. knowingly and willingly..
coach: hope is sometimes a deceiving thing
billy the kid: very true
coach: (i should write this down somewhere.. this is neat stuff)
coach: anyhow
coach: choose what you feel is right
billy the kid: look, I’ve asctually lookad at both sides of the story, and much as I hate to admit it, there have been shortcomings from my side too..but to just sit down and build on those shortcomings instead of overlooking them for the things that I’ve managed to get done, that really hurt me bad
coach: we all know this.. i guess ive just gotten better at expressing it
coach: hmm..
coach: everybody falls.. its how fast you get back up is what makes us different
coach: – Stallone from that racing movie

coach: maybe a fresh project with a better team would be able to harness your talents better
coach: it surely helped me
billy the kid: I really need something like that
coach: get yourself patched up and the next phase from the acme world domination project would be yours
coach: the theme might make magic on you ๐Ÿ™‚
billy the kid: Gee thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
billy the kid: world domination is supposed to be a every mans dream any way ๐Ÿ˜›
billy the kid: wait, tell me your story too..
billy the kid: I mean, you started out as..
billy the kid: and ended up as ..
billy the kid: etc etc
coach: well lets see.. i got into this
[long nostalgic unrelated flashbacks]
coach: as you might guess from all the above that i never really focused on one thing
coach: ive been fascinated by almost everything
coach: so i try to be good at everything
coach: and have ended up a jack of all trades
coach: and im pretty decent in various things
coach: from sketching to writing
billy the kid: very true
coach: from graphics to coding
billy the kid: person of many talents I presume
coach: managing people and stuff like that
coach: but sad story about people like me
coach: 1. we’re never content
billy the kid: there is nothing sad about it
coach: 2. in all this mist.. we never end up to find our own music
billy the kid: that is actually a hypothesis of th Chaos theory
billy the kid: we strive for perfection becasue we will never be perfect
billy the kid: its a two fold sort of thing..
billy the kid: Theorem One:strive forvever to be perfect
billy the kid: Theroem Two: You will never be perfect
coach: problem is.. we dont know who we are.. and never take time to figure out whats the purpose of all this.. where is it all going
billy the kid: Conclusion: Strive forever
coach: but to acheive what
coach: its a black hole
billy the kid: and I though I was the only one who used to think like that
coach: so after massive sessions of brainstorming
coach: ive realized and made my mind
billy the kid: I would seriously sometimes sit down and think, “Why am I doing all this” Am I getting nearer to me goals..?
billy the kid: and the answer would be, silence
billy the kid: and that is?
coach: that all this wasted energy should be focused and used on acheiving the simple things in life
coach: cause life is something we complicated ourselves
billy the kid: ver well said
billy the kid: very*
coach: simple things like taking time out for the family and doing things for them that make them happy
coach: its not related to money or success.. it could just be a simple evening in a park
coach: simple things as to help new students come in the professional world with a handbook
coach: of giving karachi and pakistan in general something back…
coach: and eventually .. focusing everything to make life better for people around us.. maybe include a few underpreviliged and instead
coach: of doing that extra friday lunch
coach: give that money regulary for some poor kid
billy the kid: ๐Ÿ™‚
coach: i know this all sounds too ficticous
coach: but if you keep staring at it long enough
coach: you start seeing its not that hard
coach: and biggest thing of all that we overlook
billy the kid: no, it actaully sounds pretty realistic, once you put yur mind to it
coach: is that we go through these endless pages of literature and journalism
coach: yet leave the book of all books eating dust somewhere
coach: why dont we ever take time out to read whats inside
billy the kid: the holy Quran, right?
coach: shoudl be better than any harry potter or lord of rings right
coach: i mean life is not about your next raise
billy the kid: of course
coach: ever realized that you always ended up with what you needed
coach: when the time came
coach: never thought you’d get it before.. but you always do get it
billy the kid: very true
coach: yet you crave for more
coach: why not nature take its course
coach: be brave for a while.. stop worrying about better pay.. better cars… better bigger stuff
coach: be a little adventourous
billy the kid: life will get a lot easier then
billy the kid: true, very true
coach: see if you take time out for the good simple things in life and not work that extra mile to get that extra milestone and that extra raise
coach: does the world implode
coach: does everything fall apart
coach: its been 25 years now.. and ive been putting off things for later..
billy the kid: no, not at all
coach: saving life for later
coach: i think its time i stopped doing that
coach: thats one reason why i didnt quit my job here last month.. i had an offer.. i didnt go.. i just didnt think
coach: think life was about tht.. i was happy here.. a few extra bucks doesnt matter
billy the kid: glad you didn’t go ๐Ÿ™‚
coach: talk to you later
billy the kid: sure
billy the kid: and thanks for all that big dose of advice
billy the kid: I’ll be sure to build on it
coach: more of overdose
coach: but yeah
coach: when the time comes to help the world in return
coach: lets try to help others in that quest
billy the kid: start from around and then expand it!
[end of log]