[this didn’t actually happen, but it could…]

Its midnight, a distorted reflection of the moon shines through a small puddle of rain water sitting on the side of the footpath, four of us sitting at the corner staring at our watches and thinking about the wretched work we had to return to the next morning.
Then from nowhere she came and stole our hearts.
There was a melodious roar that broke the eternal silence and instantly caught our attention. As we gazed upon the dark alley, there emerged a luminous beauty amidst from the darkness. The moonlight falling on her smooth skin with a tint of gloss on it. The soft slow movement and those bright blue wondrous eyes. She had everything to be a top Italian model.
We were mesmerized, hypnotized…! She was the type any guy would want, and knew he couldn’t get. You would want to drive her like crazy. The smoke she exhausted seemed more pure than air itself. The type you would want to feel her leather against you jeans. You would want to shift her into overdrive and make her scream like never before. You would want to grip her tight, and steer her into the unknown. You would want to feel her tantalizing curves cutting through the air pushing against it. One would want to spend all their lives with her. Taking care of her. Keep her like a princess. But she was too expensive for us, we wouldn’t be able to afford her. She wouldn’t be happy in our small place.
She passed us by, her sweet perfume felt as if it was fueling our helpless desires. She left, disappeared into the endless night, only to leave us stranded in smoke. All we were left with was heartache…
I’ll never forget that Ferrari Modena, never ever… [for the extremely illiterate that’s one the greatest sports cars from the Italian company Ferrari]

Huh… whats that… what were you thinking?