FAST, in the past

I went to my University a few weeks ago. Well actually my ex-University. But many people would agree that it’s the place where you did your bachelors is what gets etched into yourself forever. Whether you go on to get a masters or even a PHD from a better local or abroad university, the place for the first one…always remains.
That’s how I felt about FAST, and since the univ was holding a MELA festival for the newly recruited “freshies” from the cream of a thousand students of Karachi who just somehow want to get in. So I said what the heck, lets check it out, it been months since I last went there. Plus of friend o’ mine wanted to get some docs out from there, so that he no longer has any links to the place and leaves no chances of life imprisonment at the hands of the FAST administration.

It was a Saturday, I left early from work. I always thought FAST was pretty far away, but I guessed it was the tension of the five on hour classes, the midterms and gawd awful scenery on the drive to the place. And I was so right, took me about an hour to get there.

Anyways so I was finally there, the excitement, the curiosity, all disappeared into thin air after a few minutes. Like a really good cheery song all of a sudden stops as if the record got broken. “What the hell is this!” I said to myself.

It wasn’t the same anymore, like everything else… it changed. I gazed around for a friendly face, no luck. I walked through the corridors and I felt like a stranger in no mans land. The building, although didn’t change, seemed different. Why was I feeling like this I wondered.

Such deep thoughts scared me. So I started to find distractions… and don’t mind me saying this, but there were many, far many. Why wasn’t it like this when we were here, why did I had to always end up with the dry seasons. Then I had to distract myself from the distractions, so came with a theory… the Freshman theory [i put it in another post… it deserved it..]

Ok so done with the theory, and now I figured out why I didn’t feel the same way about FAST. Infact this was the exact same feeling I had when I went back to my school back in Riyadh. I was never attached to the place in itself, I was attached to the times I had here. The friends I made and the times we had together. Still I could imagine the crazy stuff we did looking at the library table we sat at, the Dhaba, the Canteen, the weird awkward places we used to hang at. But still… it’ll be a long long time before I come back to this place…again.

Just to get myself in a better mood, I reminded myself of the Bitch Slut theory.

The Bitch Slut Thoery [milder rippoff of a Little Johnny joke]

Slut: someone who goes out with everyone.

Bitch: someone who goes out with everyone but you.

I felt much better after that…