“10th September, 2004”
I may want to remember this day, if eventually everything works out. If its doesn’t, I may want to think this day never happened. One thing is for sure, I made a few life changing decisions today.
It’s really scary when you make decision that might possibly end up changing your life forever. But you know what scarier, making a decision that not only changes your life, but also someone else’s life along with it.
Either you make a decision to accept the career that fate chose for you, although you never saw yourself doing it. It could be that you choose to live for your someone else rather than yourslef. Or it might just be the decision you made for something you wanted so much but always knew the odds weren’t in your favor.
Life is all about taking chances, taking calculated risks. Sometimes you end up with the joy of success, sometimes, with the agony of defeat. But more often than not, it’s worth it.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

I believe there’s a hero in all of us. Given the moment and the desire, we all can be heros on our day. At times, you have to rely on miracles.
How exactly I feel right now is hard to explain.
Its like as if you were in a basketball game, end of the fourth quarter, 2 points behind, 5 seconds on the clock… and someone passes you the ball. You only have enough time to score one basket and level the game. But somehow you want more, and even though you know you’re bad at shooting 3-pointers, something makes you believe you can do it. Everything suddenly stops, like as if time froze for you… for your moment. You shoot, you take your chance, you bet on yourself. You risk losing the game, just because you so want to win it. The buzzer goes off, times up, the ball hits the rim, and it’s wobbling on top of it. As of now, it’s not in your hands, all you can do is pray it goes in, pray that you didn’t miss your shot.

That’s what happened to me. I took my shot, now all I do is pray… my luck still wobbling somewhere.

Somehow things feel different. You don’t feel afraid anymore. Maybe because you know you took your shot, the best you could have possibly done.

Whatever happens in the end, you feel you can’t lose…
You just might not win…